Concept Enclosures

We have been designing custom subwoofer enclosures since 2003.  We have designs for specific vehicles as well as enclosures built to recommended specs for specific subwoofers.  If you need something that you can't find here in our store, or have any questions about anything, please contact us!  Thank you for shopping!

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15+ Mustang Coupe 15+ Mustang Coupe
Our Price: $169.95
97-03 Ford F150 97-03 Ford F150
Our Price: $209.95
Concept Enclosures - Custom Enclosure for 1 15" Subwoofer Single 15" - Ported
Our Price: $289.95
Del Sol Del Sol
Our Price: $199.95
04-08 Grand Prix 04-08 Grand Prix
Our Price: $169.95
Our Price: $169.95
Concept Enclosures - Cadillac Escalade Subwoofer enclosure Cadillac Escalade
Our Price: $299.95
98-05 GS300 98-05 GS300
Our Price: $169.95
Nissan 350Z Tall Nissan 350Z Tall
Our Price: $224.95